Optimising power plant performance and operations

365网址导航 eNext drives the change towards a cleaner world by applying our engineering expertise and long experience to maximise asset performance and provide solutions for decarbonisation.


Turbine control and protection systems should be included in the 维护 strategy 读这篇文章

Smart energy egineering solutions for a low-carbon economy

365网址导航 eNext is committed to supporting energy producers in adapting to the industry transformation and the changing operational and environmental requirements, thus facilitating the transition to a low-carbon energy system. We help power and heat producers maximise the availability and performance of their assets. Building on the heritage and know-how of running and optimising our customers’ and our own operations, we offer expert 服务 in power plant operations, 维护, 和技术更新. 

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Future-proof performance through three service areas



Our task is to help you run your plant with the industry’s best knowledge and technology. We offer comprehensive full-scope operation and 维护 (O&M) solutions for power plant owners and investors, supported by best-practice driven digital tools.

energy infrastructure in the nature and city context


Together with our customers we are tackling the challenge of providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to end users. This includes developing low-carbon solutions for local energy systems and electrifying customers’ processes.

A man working at power plant checking the turbine's control and protective systems.

Turbine and Generator 服务

With long and extensive experience in plant perfection, we help you manage your steam and gas turbines, 发电机, and automation and protection systems - from 维护 planning and optimising risk levels to implementing overhauls, modernisations and repairs.

We are ready to support you throughout the whole life cycle of a power plant

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